Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Just a few questions that we are asked frequently
Do you have a boarding facility?

No, we don’t board.  We feel “there’s no place like home” for the pets.

What are your visiting hours?

7 days a week – 7:00 a.m. thru 9:00 p.m.
We have been known to start a little earlier and end a little later.

How long is each visit?

Each visit is at least ½ hour long.

Are you and your pet sitters bonded and insured?


What do you do when visiting a client’s home?

There are customized visits for each client’s pet(s).  We have a Daily Log which lists dates and times of visits, what services were provided and a Comments section discussing how the time was spent.  A lot of our clients also enjoy receiving texts and photos.

What services do you provide at each visit?
  • Dog walks include the walk, fresh water, food if desired by client and, if time permits, playtime.
    If we are caring for dogs for more than one daily walk/visit, some visits include feeding and water, and playtime and/or cuddling.
  • Cats’ visits include feeding and water, scooping litter, playtime and/or cuddling.
  • Birds’ visits include feeding and water, cleaning cage bottoms, constant chatting.
  • Small animals’ visits including feeding and water, cleaning cage bottoms, some enjoy snuggling.
  • Fish and Reptiles’ visits include feeding.
  • Other services for pets can be discussed.
Do you give medications?

Yes, I am trained to administer medications, subcutaneous fluids and insulin shots.  My staff has been trained to administer medications.

Do you provide any other services?

Yes, because we want the client’s home to look occupied:

  • We will bring in your mail, newspapers and circulars.
  • Water plants.
  • Blinds/shades – raised/lowered.
  • Lights – on/off.
What do we discuss at our initial meeting?

We will bring a Service Agreement and a Veterinarian Release to discuss, complete and sign.  A copy of each will be provided to you.

Should I provide anything at that meeting?

During our initial visit we would like two (2) sets of keys to enter and leave your home.  One set is kept with the pet sitter.  The second set is kept in a locked, fireproof box.  After the visits, the first set is kept in another locked, fireproof box.  We will charge for a visit if keys are not provided during the initial visit and we need to pick them up at another time.

If I want you to sit for my pets(s), how much advance notice do you need for the initial visit?

A week would be perfect so we can schedule the visit to suit everyone’s calendar. However, if you require visits in less than a week, still contact us and every effort will be made to accommodate your needs.

More Questions?

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